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First Emergency and Rescue Corp. summer firefighting camp – Junior firefighters learn about interesting disaster prevention knowledge


In promoting fire and disaster prevention education, First Emergency and Rescue Corp. of Fire Bureau, Taichung City Government organized the “Summer firefighting camp – Junior firefighters” event at the Fengyuan Branch on August 6, 2017, where school children were allowed to learn important knowledge related to fire and disaster prevention through interesting challenge games.

Five challenges were painstakingly designed for this event (fire safety introduction and promotion, home escape plan drawing, thick smoke experience, firefighting gear experience and indoor fire hydrant flushing experience). Through fire safety introduction, misconceptions about escaping a disaster were corrected (such as looking for wet towels in the event of thick smoke, escape upward or downward when there is a fire or seeking shelter in the bathroom etc.). Moreover, case studies in fire safety were conducted, thereby leaving a deep impression in the school children and parents regarding the emergency measures to take when escaping from a fire. Residential fire alarms were also promoted to the public.

In light of recent news reports about casualties caused by incorrect escape planning in fires that occurred domestically and abroad, family fire escape plan drawing is used to design different challenges to let parents and children think about the correct escape method and route in the event of fire at home. Furthermore, quiz was held to promote disaster response awareness and residential fire alarm, which is crucial for providing early detection of fire, so that announcement can be made to begin evacuation as early as possible.

The even combined local industry resources, where Tailloon Balloons Co., Ltd. sponsored balloons printed with 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo and fire prevention slogans. The balloons were handed out to school children on the day of the event, who actively participated in various challenges to gain a much deeper impression on disaster prevention and response. According to First Emergency and Rescue Corp. Commander Chun-kai Yang “Fire and disaster prevention awareness must be instilled since childhood, it is hoped that this event will convey the correct knowledge on disaster prevention and response to children, so that they can in turn communicate the concept to their family. This not only provides the children with a safe, happy childhood but also helps to raise disaster prevention awareness among the public.”

  • Data update: 2019-01-22
  • Publish Date: 2017-08-15
  • Source: Fire Bureau
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