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Visit of National Fire Agency and personnel to assess the disaster prevention and rescue plant of Taichung City Government with recognition of outstanding performance

內政部消防署率隊訪評市府災害防救計畫 肯定市府防災業務更加精進
內政部消防署率隊訪評市府災害防救計畫 肯定市府防災業務更加精進

Taichung City Government excelled in the “Disaster Prevention and Rescue Program Phase II” advocated by the Ministry of Interior and rated “Distinction” in performance in 2015 and 2016. Secretary-General Feng Chun-Yi of the National Fire Agency, Ministry of Interior, and personnel of the agency visited Taichung on October 19 for assessment. They recognized the work of Taichung in disaster prevention as progressively improved every year and hoped Taichung could be served as a model for disaster prevention in Taiwan. In addition, The “Fire Identification Laboratory” of Taichung Fire Station was once again accredited by the National Fire Agency and by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation. This station is the first of its kind in central and southern Taiwan with double accreditation. Deputy Secretary-General Lee Hsian-Yi received the accreditation certificates on behalf of Taichung City Government.
Taichung Fire Station held the “Exhibition of Assessment and Result of Taichung City in Disaster Prevention and Rescue Program Phase II” with presentation of promotional materials for disaster prevention. Feng Chia University also exhibited its light-weight and portable paper bed and easy-to-carry tent as shelter for victims in disasters. These items could be reused and produced in mass quantity. The assistance teams could develop the gears for the shelters in case of disasters with simple and accessible materials. The public could assemble the gears with the pictorial description provided easily and use the gears.
The gravity of the program is to connect the resources of the front line district offices for recuse in disasters. Phase III of the program is expected to be unveiled next year to wrap out the results of the program in Phase I and Phase II, according to Secretary-General Feng Chun-Yi. This will include the advocacy of the program downward to the community level in disaster prevention and roadmap for disaster prevention. By then, disaster prevention could be better with the awareness of the public.

  • Data update: 2024-04-13
  • Publish Date: 2017-10-30
  • Source: Fire Bureau
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