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Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government Found Lost Climbers Swiftly through GPS

登山客橫嶺山下山迷路 中市消防隊鎖定GPS迅速尋獲
登山客橫嶺山下山迷路 中市消防隊鎖定GPS迅速尋獲

Two climbers in Taichung City got lost when returning from Hengling Mountain yesterday (January 1). After receiving the report on 1p.m., Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government positioned the reporter with GPS immediately and identified the coordinates of two lost climbers and then sent three employees from Anma Workstation and Dadong Police Station for rescue. The two lost climbers were found in 3p.m. and taken to the entrance safely. After the Bureau confirmed the safety of the two climbers and kept a record, they returned home immediately.
According to the Bureau, most people went mountain climbing with their cell phones but few of them were able to use GPS. In view of this, the Bureau developed a position returned system where the Emergency and Rescue Command Center sends a SMS with a position-aided system to the reporter’s cell phone and then receives the coordinate automatically as long as the network signal is normal. This allows the rescue team to arrive at the site swiftly. This case is the first successful rescue achieved through the system.
As the sky becomes dark quickly in winter, the Bureau called on people to go mountain climbing with experienced climbers and carry enough lighting, water, food, rain gear, a cell phone or radio and whistle. Climbers should plan the route and make a plan in detail, carry a map or navigate by cell phone, and evaluate their status. If climbers get lost, they must contact the Bureau by cell phone or radio to report their location and latitude and longitude, while keeping them warm and safe in the same location. If they carry a radio, they may call for help by using the frequency 145.00.

  • Data update: 2019-01-21
  • Publish Date: 2018-01-16
  • Source: Fire Bureau
  • Hit Count: 641