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Bringing its operational efficiency into full play The newly renovated Taichung City Emergency Operations Center has been relaunched

To enhance and optimize the operational efficiency of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Taichung City Government has, through the 2022 Administrative Plan, managed to allocate about $16.31 million to implement the “Taichung City Emergency Operations Center IT Equipment Renewal and Space Improvement Project” with the support of Mayor Lu Shiow-yen. The budget is used to repair and construct the interior working space of Taichung City Emergency Operation Center, to replace software and hardware facilities and equipment, and to update the IT equipment of Fengyuan Backup Emergency Operation Center. The renovation project was completed on July 15 and the County Government will continue to enhance the City’s disaster prevention and relief efficacy with technology.

The Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government expressed that, upon its launch in 2009, the Taichung City Emergency Operations Center had been established on a number of occasions for departments and bureaus of the City Government and personnel of support unit to station in to carry out 24-hour emergency response works, receive disaster situation report, take applicable action, implement controls, allocate resources and conduct related works. In addition, the Emergency Operations Center also serves as a venue to hold important meetings in ordinary days, indicating its importance. Nevertheless, its internal video IT equipment and the overall working space have been used for over 13 years and are now inadequate for the job, resulting in a difficulty in bringing the Emergency Operations Center’s operational efficiency into full play.

The Fire Bureau pointed out that the Taichung City Emergency Operations Center has adopted a modern design for the spatial renovation. In the meantime, the needs of personnel to be stationed, the number of seats, computer, interior lighting and the meeting environment (i.e., meeting tables and chairs) have been taken into consideration and optimized to make the overall working space even more humanized. With respect to the video system, the County Government has purchased eighteen 55” high-quality monitors and two 85” LCD TVs in order to simultaneously present various information through the interface. For example, the work report, disaster situation, water information and so on. The Center has also adopted an optimal environmental control system that integrates various system interfaces, such as live images, microphones, videos and lighting. The purpose is to allow the EOC commander (the mayor) and the personal staffs to keep abreast of real-time disaster information during the stationed period, facilitate their decision-making process and further achieve the goal of integrating disaster prevention and rescue with science and technology.

The Fire Bureau explained that, affected by global warming and climate change, extreme natural disaster has become even more frequent. Apart from earthquakes, typhoons and torrential rain, which are quite common in Taiwan, people’s lives and property are also threatened by landslides, drought and forest fire. The renovation of Taichung City Emergency Operations Center can effectively enhance the Center’s operational efficiency and facilitate disaster prevention and relief related communication, coordination and response works. This enables the City Government to, by better responding to natural disasters, man-induced disasters and even complex disasters, minimize disaster losses and guard people’s lives, property and safety as usual.

Contact person: Mr. Liao of the Fire Bureau, Taichung City Government
Telephone: 04-23298820 Ext.114

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  • Data update: 2022-08-18
  • Publish Date: 2022-08-15
  • Source: Fire Bureau
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