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Der Yuh Enterprise Co., Ltd. kindly donated one fire guard vehicle to give back to the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government.

Donate one fire guard car to the fifth crops of disaster relief and rescue of the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government.
Donate one fire guard car to the fifth crops of disaster relief and rescue of the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government.
Mu-Cheng Tsai, a former advisor to the Taichung city government, passed away a few days ago. Ting-Chang Tsai, chairman of Der Yuh Enterprise Co., Ltd. (son of Mu-Cheng Tsai), and his mother, Mei-Ling Chou, have expressed enthusiasm about public welfare and have been actively involved in addressing social welfare for a long time. They deeply appreciate the efforts made by firefighters to ensure public safety. In addition to donating the surplus from the funeral to disadvantaged groups, today (July 25), they contributed one fire guard vehicle to the Fifth Corp of Disaster Relief and Rescue Team, Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government. Jun-Kun Dai, deputy director of the Fire Bureau, accepted the gift on behalf of the organization, and expressed admiration to the righteous deeds of chairman Tsai and his mother.
The Fire Bureau stated that from 2012 to 2013, Mr. Tsai served as the president of the Tachia Central Rotary, the director-general of the Jiangnan Village Community Development Association, and the director-general of the Dajia Young Lion Industrial Zone Manufacturers Association. In 1997, he established Der Yuh Enterprise Co., Ltd. His wife, Mei-Ling Chou, was once the Waipu Volunteer Firewomen's Battalion squad leader. After retiring from the deputy chief role of the Volunteer Firewomen's Battalion, she continued to serve as a consultant in Waipu in Firewomen's Battalion and has been working as a female advocacy and communication volunteer for 22 years. The couples jointly supported entrepreneurship and became excellent examples of industry and commerce. Ting-Chang Tsai is now the chairman of the company. He adheres to the spirit of his parents' enthusiasm for public welfare and further improves the equipment of fire vehicles to make disaster relief more secure and efficient.
The Fire Bureau pointed out that they will use the donated fire guard vehicle for various disaster investigations, patrol, fire safety inspection, and on-site coordination. In a disaster event, it can carry personnel and equipment to the disaster site and bring the team’s disaster relief capacity to full potential. This can apply to various types of disasters within its jurisdiction, which is very helpful to the fire service and improves the efficiency of disaster relief coordination, making the implementation of the two primary tasks of fire prevention and disaster rescue quicker, so that citizens have a safer and more secure living environment.
The fire bureau explained that after holding the donation ceremony in the Dajia Squad today, the fire guard car was immediately allocated to the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government to join the disaster relief effort. Government resources are limited, but people's strength is infinite. The bureau sincerely thanks Der Yuh Enterprise Co., Ltd. for their affirmation of fire protection work and their generosity, which effectively increases the energy of fire and disaster relief. They will further protect the safety of citizens' lives and property and create a safe, secure, and better living city for Taichung.
Chi-Chang Tsai, vice president of the Legislative Yuan, Hsueh-Chu Hsu, minister without portfolio of the Executive Yuan and 1st vice president of the Lions Clubs International, city councilors Chieh-Chung Hsieh and Jr-Chang Shr, Jin-Lan Ye, the leader of the founding team of the Taichung Volunteer Firewomen's Battalion, Shu-Xian Peng, the consultant of the Taichung City Volunteer Fire Brigade, Mei-Man Ji, the squad leader of the guidance team of the Waipu Volunteer Firewomen's Battalion, and Zhao-Wen Chen and Geng-Lian Chuang, former presidents of the Tachia Central Rotary all attended today's donation ceremony. Contact person: Mr. Du, the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government, Tel: 04-26876119.

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  • Data update: 2022-08-19
  • Publish Date: 2022-08-15
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