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Enhance the rescue capacity of Taiping! Rotar Machinery donated an ambulance for the benefit of citizens.

Enhance the rescue capacity of Taiping- Rotar Machinery donated an ambulance for the benefit of citizens – Event photo 1
Enhance the rescue capacity of Taiping- Rotar Machinery donated an ambulance for the benefit of citizens – Event photo 1
Introduced by local village chief Wu Yen-ming and Councilor Lee Li-hua, Rotar Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. enthusiastically donated an ambulance to Chelungpu Branch, 3rd Corps of the Fire Bureau of Taichung City. Director-General of Fire Bureau Tseng Chin-tsai who attended the donation ceremony today (on the 21st) delivered his gratitude to Rotar Machinery for giving back to society and making contributions to the local community with the aspiration that the ambulance and rescue equipment will enhance the ambulance capability and quality in the region.
The Fire Bureau expressed that the gifted ambulance is Volkswagen T6.1 and the ambulance is equipped with a full range of ambulance equipment and supplies, including first aid kits, portable three-in-one oxygen set, electric stretch, disposable laryngeal mask airway, automated external defibrillator (AED), CPR medical board and various vital sign monitoring equipment. With these equipment and supplies, ambulance operators will be able to provide high-quality ambulance service and do their best to guard citizens’ lives and safety.
The Fire Bureau explained that Rotar Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in machine and hand tool design, development, production and sales. It is also a highly reputable Taiwanese hand-tool manufacturer. Chelungpu is located in Taiping on a vast land in a fault zone and most of the residents are elderly, and the region has a relatively higher demand for emergency medical resources. Upholding the spirit of “taking from the society and giving back to the society”, the Chairman of Rotar Machinery Wei Chiao decided to donate an ambulance to the Fire Bureau to show his warmest support to front-line ambulance operators. It is his aspiration that all people of the nation will get through this tough epidemic period together.

At today’s donation ceremony, Director-General Tseng Chin-tsai, Councilor Lee Li-hua, Deputy Director General of Taichung City Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee Lin Yin-gu, and the local village chief have all attended. Legislator Ho Hsin-chu and Councilor Lai Yi-huang also sent representatives to celebrate this event.

Contact Person: Ms. Deng of Emergency Medical Service Section, Fire Bureau, Taichung City Government
Telephone: 04-24752119 Ext. 126

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  • Publish Date: 2022-08-15
  • Source: Fire Bureau
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