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Water Charity Association donated a small tanker fire engine and other disaster relief equipment. The Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government thanked them for their good deeds.

The Water Charity Association donated a small tanker fire engine, electronic ventilators, personal handheld thermal imagers, and walkie-talkie transmitters to the Dongshan Branch of the Fire Bureau. It's with a total value of about NTD 5 million to enhance the disaster relief capacity of the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government. Today (the 12th), the Dongshan Branch held a donation ceremony. The Director-General of the Fire Bureau, Jin-Cai Zeng, received the donation and gave back a commemorative model car and a certificate of appreciation in recognition of the Water Charity Association's good deeds. Director Zeng expressed his gratitude to the Water Charity Association for donating the small tanker fire engine and other equipment to help improve disaster relief capabilities and protect the safety of citizens. The small tanker fire engine received is the smallest truck in Taiwan (Euro 6 of new vehicles, 6.5 tons). There are many narrow mountain roads in the area under the jurisdiction of the Dongshan Branch, which firefighters cannot reach by ordinary fire engines. This small tanker fire engine can arrive at the first instance to profoundly shorten the disaster relief time. Firefighters can improve the efficiency and safety of their operations by using new electronic ventilators and personal handheld thermal imagers. Zhi-Ting Dai, president of the Water Charity Association, said that the founder has worked hard in the workplace for many years and has received help from many benefactors. They established the Water Charity Association to give back to society what has been gifted to them from the community. Gather everyone’s love for the country, from cultivating locally to branching out, and spread the love one bit at a time. Under the founder's call, various business owners donated generously and contributed to charitable deeds. They hope that by donating firefighting vehicles and equipment, they can further help the public. The Fire Bureau stated that the government has limited resources and that the power of the people is infinite. The Fire Bureau is grateful to kindhearted people from all walks of life for their love to support, helping the government improve service quality and capacity, and bringing citizens a safer, happier, healthier environment. The Water Charity Association deeply cultivates and serves the Taichung area, and its targets include the vulnerable population, the financially disadvantaged, and single-parent families. They implement home visits to find out about the situation of people in need, and provide material support, funeral subsidies, emergency relief, case-by-case donations, second-hand items and clothing, etc. People who need help can contact Water Charity Association by telephone at 04-24370965, official website (http://water-warm.com.tw/), on the Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com /watercharity), or IG: Water Charity Association.

Contact person: Mr. Chang, the branch head of the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government, Tel: 04-24379921
  • Data update: 2022-12-19
  • Publish Date: 2022-12-12
  • Source: Fire Bureau
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