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Police teach you how to identify genuine and fake wine

  • Date: 2019-05-15
  • Issued by: Police Department

The police have helped investigate and crack down on economic crime cases, achieving a great deal in deterrent effect. As the Spring Festival is approaching, inferior wine produced by private vendors may increase and endanger the health of our citizens. To prevent illegal smuggling and production of tobacco and wine products from disrupting the market order and to ensure the security of consuming public tobacco and alcohol at the same time, Taichung City Government Police Department advices you how to identify genuine and fake tobacco and wine products there. For the identification of genuine or fake wine, Taichung City Government Police Department calls on people to pay attention to the following points:
1. Choose to buy wine from reputable domestic wine makers or importers.
2. Inspect the appearance of wine products: For example, check whether the print and contents of the label are clean and clear, and whether the bottle cap is tight and flawless or not.
3. Remember to obtain an invoice (or a purchase note) for the transaction to protect the rights and interests of both parties.
4. Consulting services are offered by the concerned competent authorities. People who are dubious of the alcohol or tobacco products that they have purchased can send the unopened wine bottles together with the original receipts to the Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division of Finance Bureau of Taichung City Government for identification.
5. Report any counterfeit, illegal, or inferior alcohol and tobacco products to hotline 110 or telephone (0800) 867 890 (toll-free).

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