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Propaganda of Gun Laws by Wurih Branch of Taichung City Government Police Department

  • Date: 2019-05-15
  • Issued by: Police Department

1. People holding self-defense firearms, ammunition, knives and guns and homemade hunting (fishing) guns, which are not in use or damaged please apply to the local Police Department for acquisition.
2. Self-defense firearms are listed as follows:
(1) Class A firearms: Any kinds of pistols, rifles, carbines and handmade guns.
(2) Class B firearms: Any kinds of self-defense shotguns, air guns, fishing guns and others.
3. Check and license issuance for self-defense firearms, guns and ammunition, as well as handmade guns for hunting and fishing shall be handled every two years (The first year shall begin on January 1).
4. Statute Regulating Firearms, Ammunition, Knives and Other Deadly Weapons alleged guns, ammunition, knives is summarized as follows:
(1) Guns: Any kinds of firearms that can fire metal or bullets to hurt or kill, including artillery, shoulder-fired weapons, machine guns, sub machine guns, automatic rifles, ordinary rifles, carbines, pistols, fountain pen guns, gas guns, tranquilizer guns, shotguns, air guns, and fishing guns.
(2) Ammunition: Any bombs, bullets and other lethal or destructive bombs and explosives used by the above-mentioned firearms.
(3) Knives: Referred to are samurai swords, cane knives, Twin Swords, knuckles, steel (iron) whip, flat drills, and daggers.
5. If the possessor or group of knives or home-made shotguns dies or is disbanded, the new holder shall re-apply fora permit to possess such weapon within three months after the incident takes place.
6. If a possessor of knives and guns and ammunition changes his or her domicile, he or she shall register the change to both police authorities before and after the relocation. If he or she fails to do so within the specified period, his or her license shall be revoked and the bullets and knives shall be acquired by the policy, according to the article 5, section 1, and paragraph 9 of Statute Regulating Firearms, Ammunition, Knives and Other Deadly Weapons.
Wurih Branch of Taichung City Government Police Department urges you to report any case involving illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, so as to safeguard our social order.

  • Date : 2013-08-19
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