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Police Arrest Swindler

  • Date: 2019-05-15
  • Issued by: Police Department

On a plainclothes patrol during the 18:00– 20:00 shift, September 14, police officers from the Qingshui Police Station of Qingshui Precinct (清水分局清水派出所) spotted a robust man parking his motorcycle at the ATM booth of Hwanan Bank located on Zhongshan Road in Qingshui District. As the man looked like a suspect of a fraud ring, our police officers approached to ask him questions. The suspect admitted that he was assigned by the fraud ring to pick up money. After a search, our police officers found the suspect had NT$ 410,000 in cash, 17 credit cards, 5 bank books, 34 photocopied documents of 16 individuals, and 4 cell phones in his possession. After taking him back to the Police Station for further investigation, it was found that the fraud ring swindled more than NT$ 3 million from the 5 bank books searched out from the suspect. The case has been transferred to the Prosecutors Office for further investigation.

The suspect was once a star player of a high-school basketball team. at a shame it is for him to demean himself to be a “money picker” for a fraud syndicate.

Qingshui Precinct called on the public to be vigilant for any scams that may refer to late payment for national health insurance, (fake) prosecutors and police, accounts put under custody and so forth. If you feel doubtful, please call anti-fraud hotline 165 or report hotline 110.

  • Date : 2015-11-16
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