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New Type of Drug: Amphetamine Made Like Jelly Drops

  • Date: 2019-05-15
  • Issued by: Police Department

Police officers from Special Police Corps, Taichung City Police Department came across the intersection of Wenxin and Meichuan E. road, Beitun District to find a white car occupying motorbike parking spots when they were conducting late night patrols few days ago. They followed the car to Section 2, Chongde road and pulled it over. The driver, Mr. Chang, panicked and hid something inside the center armrest and put a box in the driver’s door when police officers asked him to show his ID. The crew sensed there was something wrong with this man. Later, they smelled a deep odor of Ketamine in the car and found approximately 60g of Ketamine then. What surprised the police officers most was that there were 3 white packages of candies which were later found to be drugs containing amphetamine.
Mr. Chang admitted taking drugs and disclosed that he bought the drugs from a man in Fongjia Park due to curiosity before he got arrested by the police officers under the Anti-drug Abuse and Control Act.
Drug dealers have been mixing drugs into coffee bags to avoid being caught in recent years. Jelly drops are one of the new types of drugs in disguise. Therefore, the police would like to remind parents to be cautious to prevent children from getting addicted due to curiosity.

  • Date : 2016-04-21
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