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100-Day Countdown to Welcome the Taiwan Lantern Festival

Explanation text: 100-Day Countdown to Welcome the Taiwan Lantern Festival - Taichung Park Transforms into Illuminate
Explanation text: 100-Day Countdown to Welcome the Taiwan Lantern Festival - Taichung Park Transforms into Illuminate
The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be launched in Taichung, with the 100-day countdown to welcome the Lantern Festival, mayor Shiow-Yen Lu made an announcement in advance today (25th), that the Taichung City Government has invited Yu-Jui Chou, the famous designer to build the “Illuminate” at Taichung Park, planning the Colored Earth Lights, Lakeside Water Lanterns and Colored Floral Lantern Wall, which will be displayed from October 31st till November 10th. The lights will be activated at the sub-exhibition area at Wen-Hsin Forest Park on December 21st for the Lantern Festival, and will kick off at the previous site for the Flora Expo – the main exhibition area at Houli, Taichung on February 8th next year, where a series of events will guarantee to offer loads of fun. Visitors from around the world are invited to make their vacation plans to Taichung and experience our enthusiastic hospitality!
Mayor Lu indicated that the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival was held in Taichung, with Taichung Park being one of the exhibition areas; the Taiwan Lantern Festival is returning to Taichung in 2020, the city government especially selected to welcome the 100-day countdown at Taichung Park to endow it with the significance of inheritance. Moreover, with over a century of history for the construction of the Lake Twin Pavilion in Taichung Park, it symbolizes the re-activation of the Lake Twin Pavilion, as well as represents that the city government has put in a lot of efforts to organize the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival!
“We are ready!” as indicated by mayor Lu, and the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be the longest, the grandest and the most splendid Taiwan Lantern Festival in the history, starting from December 21st at the sub-exhibition area at Wen-Hsin Forest Park till February 23rd next year. “That’s not enough!”, the city government will be holding the pre-event of “100-Day Countdown, Start from the Heart” at the Taichung Park from October 31st till November 10th, decorating the entire park beautifully with the art of lights and shadows, while further incorporating visitors into the lights, the shadows and the Lantern Festival.
Director Kuo-Wei Huang of the Information Bureau stated that it will be “Fun and good to take photos with!”, as 3 outstanding artists have been specially invited to participate, with Yu-Jui Chou, the famous new generation designer of Taiwan as the organizer, while Taichung’s local illustrator BaNAna Lin and artist JIE Tsai who has been residing in Taichung for a long period of time are invited to take part in the painting of the lantern decorations, designing the colored lanterns based on the theme of Taichung stories, building the colorful Illuminate. Amongst these, the painted floral lantern wall will be open to the public for drawing down their imaginations towards Taichung, making it more meaningful as it will be jointly completed with participation from the general public.
Yu-Jui Chou, the famous new generation designer of Taiwan was invited to act as the organizer, he has received the German iF Design Award, the Japanese Good Design Award, the American IDSA award and the Golden Pin Design Award in Taiwan…etc., and was further honored as the “Most Touching Work” by the French MAISON&OBJET, thus he can be called as the “ever-victorious winner of international awards”.
Organizer Chou shared that his parents once brought him to boating on Rihyue Lake in Taichung Park when he was little, now he too brings his own children for boating here; the Lake Twin Pavilion standing steadily for the past century in the center of the lake is the happy childhood memory to many people, therefore he specially used abundant colorful lights and shadows to present the Illuminate for parents and children to enjoy; the painted floral lantern wall is specially planned, hoping everyone may take part in the creation, to “jointly create and keep own wonderful memories!”
Taichung’s local illustrator BaNAna stated that he is a local Taichung citizen who grew up by the “railroad” of Taichung Train Station; as a child, he often went riding bicycle and boating in Taichung Park with the entire family, therefore the illustration is based on the theme ”Lovely Taichung – Year of the Mouse”, where the little mice holding lanterns and performing musical instrument symbolize welcoming the New Year with jubilance, which can be seen in the two main exhibition areas of the Lantern Festival at the Houli Park Area and the Wen-Hsin Forest Park.
Director Huang indicated that October 31st is also Halloween, there will be “limited-edition colored eggs” on the event site, and the general public may further receive the limited quantity Halloween gifts by dressing up in costumes. The lanterns will be lit at 7 pm of that day, while the general public will be allowed to paint lanterns starting from 4 pm in the afternoon, and will be able to light the lanterns together by putting up their hand-painted lanterns. The lanterns will be lit between 6 pm to 10 pm each night during the event period, people can take photos of the event site and send them to “GLAT Taichung” fan page via private message, the editor will then organize and upload them to the event album, the photo with the highest number of likes will be able to receive a tablet, those with second to fifth highest votes will also receive store coupons. For more details, please refer to the GLAT Taichung fan page (https://zh-tw.facebook.com/GLAT.Taichung/).
The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival will soon be held at the previous Flora Expo site at Houli, Taichung and the Wen-Hsin Forest Park; the Information Bureau, Taichung City Government has organized the promotional press conference of “100-Day Countdown, Start from the Heart – 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung” today at the Government Building on Taiwan Boulevard, with joint participation from the organizer - Yu-Jui Chou, Taichung’s local illustrator – BaNAna, city councilors Shih-Chou Liu and Ling-Hsuan Jan, the city government Deputy Secretary-general Kang-Chen Chu and director Kuo-Wei Huang of the Information Bureau…etc.; representatives from city councilor Ming-Yuan Hsieh’s serving office also participated.

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