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Photos and rituals of Confucian’ Birthday Ceremony (8)

Photos and rituals of Confucian’ Birthday Ceremony (8)
Photos and rituals of Confucian’ Birthday Ceremony (8)

28. Escorting the Spirit: "The Song of Peace – 1” is called to play. The Master of Ceremony sings, "All stand still." After the team escorting the spirit of Confucius moves to the center of the courtyard in front of the Da Cheng Hall, the Master of Ceremony sings, “All bow.” All the attendants salute at the same time, sincerely seeing the spirit of Confucius off.
29. Sending the Silk Spirit-Money and Prayer Inscription: Silk spirit-money and prayer inscription are taken to the incinerator.
Note: By burning the real things, our ancestors wished that the gods could receive worship offerings. Silk was used not only as a media in writing but also as money in worship.
30. Observing the Incineration: "The Song of Peace – 1” is called to play. Bells and drums are hit at the same time. Principal Presentation Officer moves to the incinerator to observe the incineration of silk spirit-money and prayer inscription.
Note: When observing the incineration, everyone should be sincere and respectful until the end of gift burning process.
31. Resuming Positions: Principal Presentation Officer returns to his original positions and the music ends.
32. Closing the Gates: Ling Xing Gate and Da Cheng Gate are closed.
33. Withdrawing Positions: Principal Presentation Officer, Collateral Presentation Officers, Accompanying Consecration Officers, and Ceremonial Inspector are guided to retreat one after another. Then, Ceremonial Attendants, student musicians, and Ba Yi dancers retreat in sequence according to the drum rhythms.
34. The Ceremony Concludes.

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