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Use of Surplus Expropriated Land to Construct Social Housing Units

  • Date: 2018-06-28
  • Issued by: Land Administration Bureau

Mayor Lin Chia-lung pointed out that nearly 30,000 social housing units are needed in Taichung City and 10,000 social housing units will be constructed in the next 4 to 8 years, and the city government will provide rent subsidies to 10,000 disadvantaged households. “This is an important indicator of my governance. We must carry out the policy successfully," said Mayor Lin.

To fulfill May Lin’s “social housing” policy, the Land Administration Bureau (LAB) of Taichung City Government has been looking for land lots to construct housing units that will be rent, not sold, to the young and working-class citizens. The LAB has also held several seminars to brief and exchange views with private construction firms over such issues as the investment in social housing units, operation modes, cost structures, and profit and recovery scenarios.

Surplus expropriated land on the Yusheng segment in Taiping District (太平區育賢段) and Taiyuan segment in Beitun District (北屯區太原段) has been designated for the construction of social housing units, and theUrban Development Bureau of Taichung City Government has begun the planning of Taiyuan segment in Beitun District into the construction site.

Located within the range of zone expropriation in Buzi (廍子) area, the Taiyuan segment has a square base facing the estuary of Dali River and Buzi River, which provides an excellent landscape view. In terms of living functions, the land base is near the shopping district of National Chin-Yi University of Technology (within 1 km) and the living circle on Zhongshan Road in Taiping District (approximately 2 km). In terms of spiritual needs, the land base is close to the Tun District Art Center (about 0.3 km). In terms of medical resources, the land base is near Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital (about 0.8 km) and Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital (about 5 km). In terms of traffic conditions, the land base is about 1.5 km away from the interchange of Provincial Highway #74, has two bus stops in the neighborhood, and is about 4 km from the Taiyuan Railway Station. In other words, this land base meets the criteria for a livable area and is thus selected as a base to construct the social housing units for which the policy goals are "good location", "good construction," and "good living functions".

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