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Courier Services

Post offices in Taiwan offer a reliable courier service, just bring along your package to any local post office and you can have it couriered to anywhere in the world, their services are reliable and used widely by individuals and companies throughout Taiwan.

If you do not wish to waste time lining up for your turn at a post office, many local and international courier services offer pick up services, where the driver comes to your door to pick up your package. Another alternative is to go to a convenience store, most of them are in partnership with one or several courier companies, and they stock envelops and boxes used specifically for courier services. You can also have your packages delivered to your friendly neighborhood convenience store, if you are never home to receive your packages, certain courier companies are happy to deliver them to the convenience stores, and the store clerks would keep your package for you.

The more well known courier companies like DHL and UPS all have branches in Taichung. Other popular and reliable local courier services include Hsin Chu Transportation, T.Join or Takkyubin.

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