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Moving your pets

Moving your pets to Taiwan is something worth much consideration. The process and documentation required changes very often, and it is necessary to call and verify the current rules before you make any decisions or take any actions. It might also be worthwhile to talk to others who have had first hand experience in this matter. Your pets will be quarantined for long periods of time under less than considerable conditions. This usually causes quite a lot of stress and trauma to both pets and their owners. The shipping costs are often rather expensive, and the process lengthy and complicated.

For the latest and most up to date information on importing pets to Taiwan, contact the Animal Quarantine Section.

Animal Quarantine Section
25, Hangqin N. Rd., Chiang Kai Shek Airport, Taoyuan, Taiwan.
Tel: (03) 398 2431
Fax; (03) 398 2313

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