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Visa Overstay

Overstaying visas in Taiwan leads to fines. Additionally, it often leads to black marks in your passport, meaning that return to Taiwan is not allowed for a set period of time. Obviously, overstaying is not a good idea.

Extending some visas is an option, but it is not for all visas. The extension must be granted prior to overstaying.

There are a few exceptions to the overstay rule, including Force Majeur, major injury and natural disaster.

The most common reason visitors overstay is due to miscalculating dates. For example, a 60 day visa is NOT the same as two months - some months have 31 days, and February sometimes has 28.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Bureau of Consular Affairs, Taichung Branch)

503, LiMing Rd, Sec 2 Taichung City

TEL: (04)2251-0799

FAX: (04)2251-0700

Hours: Monday ~ Friday 08:30 ~ 17:00

EMAIL: taichung@boca.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Police, Taichung City Police Bureau

588, WenXin (WenShin) Road, Sec. 2 Taichung City

TEL: (04)2327-3875

EMAIL: tcpbbb01@tcpb.gov.tw
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Foreign Affairs Police, Taichung City Police Bureau

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