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Alien Resident Certificate

A resident visa is required for anyone wishing to work legally in Taiwan.  It is also available to students who are enrolled full time at a local University or Chinese Language Institute, foreign spouses of local citizens and in a few other cases.  With an ARC you areentitled to apply for National Health Insurance. 

The latest information and regulations is linked to at the bottom of this page.

National Immigration Agency (downtown)
91, Gancheng St., Nantun District, Taichung City
TEL: 04-22549981、04-22542545、04-22541803、04-22548930
FAX: 04-22545662

National Immigration Agency (Fengyuan District)
280, Zhongshan Rd., Fengyuan District
TEL: 04-25261087、04-25269777、04-25261052、04-25263974、04-25267615
FAX: 04-25268551

Information for Foreigners 24-hour hotline: 0800-024-111

Useful Links
Bureau of Consular Affairs: Resident Visas

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