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Photos and rituals of Confucian’ Birthday Ceremony (4)

Photos and rituals of Confucian’ Birthday Ceremony (4)
Photos and rituals of Confucian’ Birthday Ceremony (4)

12. Burying Sacrificial Remnants: The deacons bring the plates carrying the hair and blood of sacrifices and bury the hair and blood into the soil of the burial place.
Note: The ritual sacrifices (cattle, sheep, and pigs) are slaughtered and their hair and blood are stored in the plates beforehand. During the ceremony, the Ceremonial Attendants carry the plates, walk from the Da Cheng Hall to the atrium to the Da Cheng Gate to the burial place, and dig a hole there to bury the hair and blood. The burial is symbolic of provision of nourishment to the land and the all things living on the earth. It also means cleanness.
13. Welcoming the Spirit: “The Song of Peace – 1” is called to play with traditional Chinese instruments. After the team to welcome the spirit of Confucius walks from the central gate of Da Cheng Gate into the center of the courtyard, the Master of Ceremony sings, "All stand still and bow.” All the attendants salute by bowing at the same time.
Note: After the music starts, four Ceremonial Attendants carrying two lamps and two ovens lead the other six peers holding two axes, two halberds, one sunshade, and one umbrella to walk in two lines, passing through the Da Cheng Gate to welcome the spirit of Confucius. This commemoration ceremony must be performed in sincerity just like you are approaching the door of your own home to welcome the distinguished guests of yours.

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