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Friendly service measures to help new residents adapt to life in Taiwan

I. There is a service window for new residents at each office
To assist new residents in naturalizing their nationality, and in case they encounter any problems or needs regarding their rights and interests during their stay in Taiwan, there are "New Immigrant Service Counters" at all of the city's household affairs offices; it can provide appropriate referral services immediately. In addition, the naturalization test, which is regularly conducted by each household office every two months, can be arranged on an on-call basis depending on the needs of each case.

II. Orientation classes for new residents
To implement measures for the care of new residents in Taiwan, to enhance their ability to adapt to life in Taiwan, to avoid family and social problems arising from maladjustment, and to enable new residents to integrate smoothly into the living environment of our country, each year, depending on the needs of new immigrants, combining local culture and integrating resources from various agencies, we provide uninterrupted life adaptation courses for new immigrants in their respective administrative districts, promote exchanges among new immigrants, and expand their living circles.

III. Increase the exposure of the public to the new immigrant culture and implement multicultural education
(I)Set up a new aboriginal art and culture center and hold regular permanent exhibitions. The "Taichung City New Immigrant Arts Center" is located on the 1st floor of the Fengle Park Activity Center in Nantun District as a dynamic venue for multicultural exchanges such as performances, studies, counseling, and fellowship among new immigrant people.
(II)Organize a volunteer service team for the New Aboriginal Arts Center and arrange for volunteers to serve at the center on a shift basis to serve more new residents.
(III)Every year, we hold a series of activities for new residents, including the Taichung City Immigration Festival celebration and the Taichung City New Resident Exchange Forum.

(IV)Set up a new residential civil committee
To implement care and counseling measures for new residents and to enhance their ability to adapt to life in Taiwan, the city government has established the Taichung City Council for New Residents. By combining the administrative resources of the city and the central government and listening to the opinions of experts and scholars, we will work together to develop more appropriate counseling measures for new residents.

For more information on care services for new residents, please visit the "Taichung New Resident Information Website" (available in nine languages). The website is

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  • Publish Date: 2015-10-20
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