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Introduction to city flower

Introduction to city flower
Introduction to city flower

Name: Mountain Cherry (山櫻花)
Scientific name: Prunus campanulata (also known as campanulata); an endemic species of Taiwan
Family: Rosaceae
Flowering period: January to March (springtime) every year
Location: Mountain Cherry is the most widely distributed cherry tree in Taiwan. It can be grown at any place 300 to 2,000 meters above the sea level. An important nectar source for insects and birds, Mountain Cherry can be easily found in Baxianshan, Provincial Highway #8, Shigang, Dongshi forest, and Dakeng. It is also widely planted in Xinshe District.
Mountain Cherry is a small deciduous tree. Originating from Taiwan in the mountains at an altitude of 300 to 2,000 meters high, it is now widely cultivated on the plains north of Chiayi. Mountain Cherry is also distributed in southern China and Japan.
The cherry blossoms usually appear white or pale pink in color. However, the blossoms of Mountain Cherry in Taiwan appear in very beautiful and bright crimson. With very high ornamental value, Mountain Cherry is a famous ornamental plant in Taiwan, especially when it blooms to form an enchanting sea of flowers in the chilly spring.
The bell-shaped corolla tube of Mountain Cherry is rich in nectar. Its fruit, when ripe, is slightly sweet. Both of them are important food for birds in the forest.
It is very important not to prune a cherry tree in its growth. A Japanese saying goes, "Pruning a Sakura makes you a dunce, while not pruning the plum blossoms also makes you a dunce." How true this experience talk is!

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