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Mayor Wu proclaims the citizens to say no to drugs on International Anti-drug Day (2005-6-26)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Sponsored by Department of Health, Executive Yuan and co-sponsored by Taichung City Government, “Sky High Young People. Drug Free Lifestyle”, an anti-drug carnival was held in the playground of Guangfu Elementary School at 11 AM, June 26.

In his speech, Mayor Wu expressed that when he was the Director of the Government Information Office, both he and Ma Ying-jiu, former Minister of Justice declared war on drug abuse and fought against drugs with all they could. Now, the anti-drug campaign is making more and more progress. At present, it is not only the government that should declare war on drug abuse, but also the private sectors. They should collaborate to fight against drug abuse from different aspects, such as education, law, entertainment, etc. Mayor Wu said that June 26 was International Anti-drug Day. We did not only sponsor an activity to announce to the public that we should take the problem of drug abuse seriously, but also remind people continuously to understand that drug abuse may shake the foundation of a country. All the people should work jointly to say no to drugs.

Later, Li Chi-heng, Director General, National Bureau of Controlled Drugs emphasized that after taking drugs for 2 months, the IQ of the drug addict may be retarded to the level of 90, which meant below the average IQ standard. The harm drug abuse did to people could easily be seen. Therefore, Mr. Li Chi-heng announced to the young people that they should keep away from drugs. They should never try it because of curiosity. Otherwise, the result would be miserable.


  • Date : 2005-06-26
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