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The Old Shui Nan Airport Will Be Redeveloped into a Large Scale Trade Exhibition Hall and International Conference Center by the BOT Method(2005-08-08)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

After over a year long of persistence, the Taichung City Government finally received subsidizing funds from the Executive Yuan to carry out the Shui Nan Airport Area Redevelopment Scheme. In May 2005, the Executive Yuan approved funding for the “Taichung City Shui Nan Airport Area BOT Possibility Evaluation and Early Stages Scheme”. The aim is to conclude this evaluation by the end of this year. BOT evaluation for a large scale trade exhibition hall, international conference centers and other major facilities will be carried out, as well as schemes for its early stages, BOT plans for different areas at different stages, draft plans for major changes in city planning and others will become the area’s facility structure and blueprint of its 246 and more hectares of land.In April 2004, the Taichung City Government, along with the Land Administration Bureau and the Urban development Bureau, have developed a plan which includes developing at least 50 hectares of the land into an Industrial Research Park Area, Trade Exhibition facilities, an educational area, and an international conference center, jointly named the “Special Area for Technological Cultivation and Research.”

At the moment, the City Government has already set aside an area of over 70 hectares to be developed as a forest park, and an international exhibition center and performance dome will be built within this area. The exhibition center will be large enough to accommodate over 1500 booths. It is hoped that this exhibition center will join forces with the exhibition center in the Precision Machinery Industrial Park Area, so that Taichung will become an exhibition industry stronghold, providing excellent services to the commercial and industrial sectors, and aid in the development of trade and industries.

  • Date : 2005-08-08
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