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Mayor Hu invited Wang Jiang Ming to be the speaker for Intercontinental Cup (2006-9-6)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Intercontinental Cup will be launched in Taichung City International Baseball Stadium from November 9. A total of 8 countries, Korea, Japan, America, Australia, Netherlands, Mexico, Cuba and Taiwan will attend the game. Mayor Hu especially invited Wang Jiang Ming, overseas outstanding baseball player to be the speaker of the game. Taichung City government Education Bureau said that Mr. Wang is very likely to take up the offer since the American major league will be having a break at that time.

The director from the Bureau said that Mayor Hu wrote to Mr. Wang as well as asked the Taiwan office in New York to visit Mr. Wang to express his genuine interest of having him as the speaker of the game.

Intercontinental Cup will be held on from November 9 to 20 in Taichung. The games will be launched on both International Baseball Stadium and City Stadium. Chinese Taipei Baseball Association will arrange two games a day. The opening ceremony will take place on the 9th.

Director Chang from Education Bureau said that Taichung government has been working hard to have the stadium completed. At present, 85% of the stadium has been done and the stadium is expected to be ready by the middle of October. Ex-baseball play, Lin Hua Wai coach is also hired to inspect the process of construction to the happening of the stadium. The deck can fit 15,000 people while the outfield section can fit 5,000 people. It is expected that this event will be a great event of years to come.

Director Chang said that accommodation isn't arranged for the players. However, Chinese Taipei Baseball Association has looked into it and arranged the committee members to stay at Evergreen Hotel, while the players will stay with Taichung Howard's and Taichung Plaza. The umpires will be staying at National Hotel. Taichung city government also won the opportunity of having the opening ceremony of World Baseball Game launch in Taichung International Baseball Stadium. The game will be held in Taiwan around February or March next year. It is expected that Taichung will be catching lots of international attention. The city government is welcoming all parties to engage in this event.

  • Date : 2006-09-06
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