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163 students partook in the Initiation Rite, hosted by Deputy Mayor Hsiao who delivered his expectations for the youth concerning personal responsibilities(2007-03-31)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  Taichung City Government held an audience program for a youth initiation rite on Mar. 31st in the Confucius Temple, in order to promote social justice, promulgate ethical and moral values, and inspire responsibilities and mission taking on the part of the youth, for nation, society, and family. A total of 163 students with distinguished academic performances and aged over 18 years old, were selected from various senior (vocational) high schools and institutes of technology.

  The ritual was hosted by Deputy Mayor Hsiao, with Mr. Aling Lai, the Chair of Thunder Tiger Co. Ltd. invited as a VIP. Deputy Mayor expressed his expectations for participating youngsters to always remain thankful for their parents having raised them, and to be responsible for personal behaviors as real adults after the Rite. They took the example of Mr. Aling Lai who insisted on innovations and developments to turn his small plant into a big-name manufacturer and to create unlimited business opportunities, as a symbol of innovation and model for the youth to emulate.

  Deputy Mayor Hsiao told a few stories to encourage the students, and reiterated that adults were not only older in years, but also possessed mental maturity and responsibility. Therefore, he wished all students would recognize their own values, believe each aptitude capable of reaching its specific destination, consider growth as the start of responsibility, be obligated to their behaviors, appear thankful for the care and teaching of parents and teachers, and living environment provided by society, determine their aspirations, and make all efforts for their dreams to come true.

  There were 163 over-18-year-old youngsters who were outstanding in terms of ethics and academic performances, as well as 5 core areas from various senior (vocational) schools in Taichung City: participating in the initiation ceremony, praying in front of ancestors to plead for blessings for their growth, and being caped and playing ‘wine pouring’ in following traditional ritualistic practices. This Rite symbolized that they might wear capes and drink alcohol as adults, and should be proper in terms of dress and behaviors, taking full responsibilities for their actions.


  • Date : 2007-03-31
  • Hit: 51

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