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Relic Exhibition of Military Honor Village was on stage in the Cultural Corridor of City Hall, attesting to cultural migration in Taiwan (2007-04-13)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  In the Cultural Corridor in front of the main entrance of City Hall was the relic exhibition: Remembering Military Honor Village, with collections of Hong, ChiYo, ranging from decorations, military uniforms, supplies, to old pictures of villages. The exhibition was highly welcomed by denizens who clearly expressed their appreciation.

  The ‘Collecting Banquet’ series of ‘remembering relics’ exhibition are on stage in the Cultural Corridor of City Hall. Six groups of relics have already been shown and the 7th topic of Relics Exhibition of Remembering Military Honor Village remains, depicting the life of those people, their loss of culture, and folk food inside the bamboo fence.

  Collector Hong, ChiYo used to collect coins, and shifted interests with influence of his wife to relics of military honor villages where his wife had grown up. With time passing, aged villages were rebuilt as modern high towers in order to improve the quality of life and eradicate decaying conditions, while the title of military honor village seemingly became a historical term. In the future, the photo will be the only access to experiencing village life, reflecting commemoration values of the Relic Exhibition on Military Honor Village.

  The special cultural context was drawn by the close relationship between village life and army life. Mr. Hong held some related early army cultural artifacts, such as badges, old photos about the army, and tobacco distributed by the army. The expectation is to help denizens to increase their awareness of cultural migrations in Taiwan over the past decades.

  • Date : 2007-04-13
  • Hit: 19

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