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Exotic cuisine teased our tongues, Taichung streets full of folklore(2007-05-26)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  This weekend, the streets of Taichung City were really romantic, unlike before, but like a place where the exotic has been collected. The exotic cuisine and music festival held by an English magazine, founded by a foreigner, was on stage in the front plaza of Taichung Kuang San SOGO Department Store. It featured cuisines from the USA, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Central East Asian areas, drawing almost all of the foreigners residing or working in Taichung City to gather in the plaza, and the scene presented an image of visiting an overseas market. 

  Mayor Hu was invited to the plaza to stay with foreigner friends in a joyful atmosphere, and took the opportunity to promote Taichung City’s merits in terms of transportation, climate, and especially parks and green space, which could provide proper locations to accommodate music and food festivals favored by the international residents in Taichung. Observing the resident foreigners crowded there, Mayor Hu further expressed that he welcomed those loving the City to settle down and enjoy the romance and enthusiasm in Taichung forever.

  Mayor Hu went through all of the booths on site to greet booth businessmen after delivering his welcoming speech, which surprised and excited many international friends who did not recognize Mayor Hu and were later informed by the broadcast introduction. They exhibited their best prepared food to the Mayor, and asked to shake hands and take photos together. It created an unforgettable memory for them after returning to their home countries.

  • Date : 2007-05-26
  • Hit: 23

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