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Mayor Hu visited the animal shelter and encouraged colleagues and residents to adopt dogs and cats(2007-07-19)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  The first multi-functional dog sport-field in Taiwan was dedicated for use this February in Taichung Animal Shelter. Mayor Hu visited the shelter on July 19, in order to be informed of the uses of the field, the developed settlement, and care of sheltered animals. He seemed satisfied with the dogs running in the field and suggested to Director of Economic Affairs Bureau Huang, ChinHsiao; who accompanied the Mayor, that similar courses could be set up in 4 parks, planned by city government for walking dogs, such as Chaoshei Park. Hu also instructed Yu, ChanChang, Director of Animal Protection; and Health Inspection Center about arranging visits for governmental colleagues and schools, who could be encouraged to adopt sheltered cats and dogs.

  Mayor Hu suggested, sports fields could be setup to expand exercising space for dogs, while the original innovation of digging holes was evaluated by specialists as not fit for an animal’s living conditions.

  Mayor Hu also stated that the origins of stray dog issue was key to solving the problem, such as encouraging adoption, implanting chips in pet dog or cat, and spay and neutering of pets.

  Observing the good synergy of the sport field, Mayor Hu mentioned citizen’s dog walking areas planned for ShanShin Park in Situn District; Chaoshei Park in Beitun District; Taching Park in South District; and KaoTe Park in North District, and invited the Economic Affairs Bureau to copy the concept of dog sports fields in the cities’ parks, runway or play structures included, and less distance from home, referring to dog owner’s remarks regarding distance.

  Taichung Animal Shelter, dedicated October 10, 2001, occupies 3,342 pens, has established the exhibition areas for temperate, endangered, and marine animals, in which to provide an outdoor education area for schoolchildren; it temporarily shelters animals, which were homeless, caught on the streets by the Center. The Center provides information on the correct way to care for and protect animals, as well as encouraging adoption to resolve the stray animal problem.

  In order to raise animal welfare and increase dog’s living space, the government has begun multi-functional dog sport field at a cost of NT$1,206,553, begun in July 2006, and was dedicated for use in July of this year, with 270 square meters in width and 80 meters in length, in a circle. They organized dog’s sporting times between 10am and 5pm every day for contact and interaction between dogs and potential adopters, to improve the adoption rate. The high usage rate of 3,600 dogs, since the facility’s completion, has witnessed dogs enjoying sun; sport; play and pleasure.

  The Shelter is open from 10am to 12am and from 1:30pm to 4pm daily for animal adoption, with the exception of Wednesday and Sunday, which are days for spay and neutering. The pet adoption rate had reached 47% by the end of June and the Center welcomes citizens to adopt.

  • Date : 2007-07-19
  • Hit: 62

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