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2007 International Car-Free Day will kick off on Sept. 2nd(2007-08-23)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The 2007 International Car-Free Day will kick off in the vacant lot next to Tiger City on the crossing between HoNan Rd. and ShiZheng N. 2 Road on Sep. 22nd (Sat), with 2000 people cycling on the streets early at 7 o'clock in the morning. Taichung City Government recruited its citizens to participate in order to protect personal health and that of the earth. Registration forms can be requested in cycling shops or Macdonald stores, and registration should be completed in cycling shops with a 100 dollar fee, provided with memorial T-shirt, Macdonald breakfast, Vitalon sport drinks, lottery ticket, and insurance. Please consult Taichung City Government, Macdonald stores in Taichung City, and bike shops in Taichung City, for registration forms. Registration must be completed before Sept. 7th or until a total of 2000 people has been reached.

According to Deputy Mayor Hsiao, this year is the sixth year that Taichung City has been holding the International Car-Free Day,which originated in Europe and is targeting the global trend of energy saving and environmental protection. Especially during this time of global warming, we are all obligated to protect the environment for future generations through resolving city over-crowding issues and CO2 emissions, with mass transit systems and cycling.

Mayor Hsiao expressed that biking was not only the symbol of environmental protection, but the performance of a high quality of life. To reflect the image of the youngest and most vital city in Taiwan, denizens should bike, not only on the International Car-Free Day, but every day to schools and offices for enhancing personal and global health.

Director Chen of the Information Bureau stated that the Titanic might not hit an iceberg today even on the same route as before because the ice glaciers have been melting. The humor actually had a sense of seriousness. Director Chen pointed out that generations in 50 years, living in 42 degree Celsius conditions, would blame us if we kept neglecting global warming.The City Government requested citizens to bring their whole family to cycle on Sept. 22nd, and to wear helmets, configure lights in front, and fix flashes in rear and sides, for safety sake.

On that day, the cycling route will follow ShiZeng N. 1 Rd., turning right to Wunsin Rd., Wunsin S. Rd., turning right to Yongchun E. Rd., Yongchun Rd., turning right to HuanZhong Rd., Longyang Bridge, turning left to HuangHe Rd., turning right to ShiZeng N. 2 Rd., and back to the vacant lot adjacent to Tiger City for a total length of 11 kilometers.

  • Date : 2007-08-23
  • Hit: 19

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