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7 stations of MRT Wenxin -Beitun Line will be processed for joint developments (2007-09-05)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  Following Taipei and Kaohsiung MRT projects, MRT Wenxin Beituen Line, the first MRT line highly expected by citizens of Taichung City is under planning. Starting from the nearby area of Shungchu 2nd Bridge, the viaduct line goes along Shunchu Rd., Beitun Rd., Wenxin Rd., Wenxin South Rd., and Jianguo North Rd., crosses Hueng Chong Rd. Viaduct and Taichung-Zhanghua Expressway, continues parallel to Taiwan Railroad on north and spanning Fazih River, and connects with Wurih station of Taiwan High Speed Railway with the total length of 16.71 kilometers, expected to completion in 2013 and dedication for service in 2014, which estimates to bring a further economic development peak and prosperity to Taichung Metropolitan area. 

  Primary pipe moving for the Green Line will be initiated in October, to remove underground pipes along Wenxin Rd. And Yongchung East Road and to maintain the smooth traffic flow within the original number of lanes, curb parking along Wenxin Road not allowed, however. Civic construction and electronic and mechanic work will kick off in 2009.

  Land owners of the sites future MRT stations located in have strong doubts. The Transportation Bureau invited Mr. Kao, the Chief of Joint Development Division, Department of Rapid Transit System, Taipei City Government to provide successful development experiences about joint development in Taipei City. According to Director Qi Wen-Zhongof Transportation Bureau, Mr. Kao shared 22 prosperous development sites along Taipei MRT to bring real estate and business booms, including Sogo Department Store. The profitable cases in Taipei MRT did regret land owners who rejected the joint developments .

  Director Qi pointed out that in the joint developments land owners provided land, investors input capitals, and government encouraged with floor areas according to the Regulations for the Joint Development of Land Adjacent to or Contiguous with Rapid Transit Systems. The developed buildings will be shared for property rights based on land value, invested capital, and government’s incentives, bringing 3 wins among land owners, governments, and investors. In joint development, investors profit from business on developed estate, land owners maintain property values with public construction, and governments acquire land for infrastructure.

  The joint development new for Taichung City Government is planned to authorize Department of Rapid Transit System, Taipei City Government, which inclines to agreement with further detail discussion for processing fees.

  Only is the Green Line under going for urban rezoning which may facilitate arrangement for development scale and profit distribution once competition. Land owners are open for options of taking property rights to developed building and receiving cash compensation with priority to involve in real estate developing manipulation. Without land owners’ willingness to joint developments, government will publicly recruit investors, but still guarantee land owner’s suggestions and requests to be taken into account.

  When land owners are sure not to participate in the joint development once the rezoning is completed, the competent authority will follow regulations to process purchasing negotiation (Taipei City:Announced land current value*1.2, Taipei County: Announced land current value*1.4) or apply for land acquisition once failures of negotiation.

  • Date : 2007-09-05
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