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The Mid-autumn Night Festival, “Full Moon of Taiwan”, Witnessing the charisma of Star Reunion (2007-09-25)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

On September 25, Taichung City Government invited the most welcomed Star Reunion to the Mid-autumn Night Festival, “Full Moon of Taiwan” in Roundness Theater to enjoy the full moon with other citizens. Because the Star Reunion had to attend several other events across Taiwan, their schedule was delayed, and the Festival did not end until 11:35 PM. Even the next day is a working day, 26,000 audiences waited until the last song of the Star Reunion, “Because I Believe”. 

The “Full Moon of Taiwan” festival of this year attracted over 20,000 in the Roundness Theater at 6:30PM, and reached the high tide at 9:55 PM when the Star Reunion arrived. Between 9 and 10 PM, Mayor Hu brought the atmosphere up to another climax by giving out gifts in the Q&A session, and the MC joked to Mayor that it seemed harder than election event for him. Finally, when the car drove the Star Reunion to the stage, all audiences were excited and waved their fluorescent bars to welcome the singers, and Mayor Hu could not help saying it was worth of waiting.

At 6:15PM when audiences were allowed to enter, the first comer, a second year student of senior high, claimed that she gathered some fans of Lin, a member of Star Reunion, and lined up at the entrance of the Roundness Theater since 6 AM. Some loyal fans came from Hsingchu, Taipei, and Taoyuan, and had to drive back home after the Festival for tomorrow’s school course.

Within 10 minutes after opening, the whole theater was full of audiences, and people still in the waiting line were guided by the service staff to the grass area to watch the live show from the big screen. Some of them insisted to climb up the 2-meter high wall to watch the show, and the police officers were exhausted in attempt to maintain the order and security on site.

The performance included Russian dances, “Pure Voice” Ko Ching, runway show, and dances by students of National Taichung University and National Taichung Institute of Technology, magic show sponsored by Taiwan Audrey Co., and the King’s Band’s solo show during the last one hour, whose imitations of Singer Wu Pai and Hsiao Jam touched the audiences, and led them to swing and scream for the high mood.

When Lin You Jia sang “Love is Simple” as the closing song for in the Festival, frenzy fans could not constrain their passions to crowd under the stage to ask for handshakes and signature. Singing “Because I believe”, the Star Reunion stepped down the stage and the audiences swarmed to the front. It was lucky those actions beyond control calmed down when those singers soon returned back to the stage.

The Festival closed under amazing fireworks, and those youngsters on site immediately phoned friends and praised the wonderful performance.

  • Date : 2007-09-25
  • Hit: 30

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