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2008 Countdown Party in Taichung, Splendid Fireworks Display Greets the New Year(2007-12-31)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The Dancing Taichung, Charming City-2008 Countdown Party was held in Taichung Stadium on New Year’s Eve with this year being more special than most. The fireworks waterfall was 160 meters in width and 40 meters in height consisting of several types of fire crackers and lasting for 8 consecutive minutes captivated the audience. The splendid fireworks display and attractive singing and dancing performances in which it accompanied, left the audience in awe as the onlookers greeted 2008. 

For those unable to enter the stadium, the Department of Information of Taichung City Government, set up a super large monitor at the crossing between Shuan-Shih Road and DianTai Street to simultaneously exhibit joys inside the Stadium. During the countdown, the fireworks persisted for 8 consecutive minutes, also showing “2008 Happy New Year and Taichung City Salutes with The Whole Taiwan”. People both inside and outside the Stadium admired the firecracker show and simultaneously counted down the end of the year 2007.   

There were over 150 thousand people participating in the Countdown Party, including the long queue of over 50 thousand people lining up from the East Gate to Shyan-Shih Road, Li-Hsin Road, and Chin-Teh North Road before the opening time of 5 PM. Around 9 PM, the stadium was very crowded,.estimated at being well over the amount last year.

Dancing Taichung, Charming City-2008 Countdown Party, held by Taichung City Government, invited residents to the first and most glorious second of the Year 2008, witnessing the City as the winner of the 2007 World Best Cultural and Art City of the World Leadership Forum Award. Billboard queen Jolin Tsai, the very popular Alan Lo, model opera actor Danson Tang, hot and spicy Cherry Boom, lyrical phenom Angela Chang, Star Reunion, Fahrenheit, WOW The Big Hits , Joi Tsai, Amber Ko, Awaking, Yee Ling Huang, Lollipop, Genie Zuo, and Sodagreen were invited to the party, to share 5 hours of romance and happiness throughout the night with the audience.

  • Date : 2007-12-31
  • Hit: 16

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