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Bicycle rally in Taichung City and County: About a thousand bike riders enjoyed the fun of riding(2008-05-04)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Bike Day, Taiwan’s Bike Day “Biking all around Taiwan. How beautiful Taiwan is”. ~Taichung City and County bikers all got together at Tunghai University at the border of Taichung City and Taichung County today (May 5th ). From Taichung City, almost a thousand of bikers, led by Deputy Mayor Hsiao Jia-Ji and honor guests, set off from Taichung Football Stadium to Tunghai University to get together with people from Taichung County. Among the lines, many people came with their whole family, no matter whether they were adults or children, and went biking together, one person per bike, for health and environmental protection. It brought out a busy summer bike carnival on Taichung streets.

Deputy Mayor Hsiao said, Taichung City is a city of health and environmental protection and biking is one of the representative sports. Therefore, he hopes people can respond to environmental protection and ride their bikes more. By doing this, it not only makes biking a habit, but also makes Taichung city a happy, healthy and environmental protective city which loves sports.

In the beginning of today’s activity, people were led by a pretty coach to do warm-ups. It was so busy that almost a thousand people were following the coach to shake their waist and hips in fine fettle. Then, after the whistle blew, Deputy Mayor Hsiao led a bike group of almost a thousand people and started a trip about 6km from Taichung City Football Stadium, over Hongyang Bridge, Anhe Road, Fuke Road, and Yumen Road to meet people from Taichung county at Tunghai University (at the big meadow in front of Tunghai Lake). These bikers, in bright yellow memorial shirts, decorated Taichung city streets into a more shining city.

The sponsoring organization stated that, the Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan has set today as Taiwan Bike Day. All cities and counties all over Taiwan responded and joined this activity. The Sports Affairs Council also chose Taipei, Taichung City and County, Kaohsiung as the 3 major places for the activity, and listed the Bike Day activity as part of the Sports Loving Plan of 2008.

  • Date : 2008-05-04
  • Hit: 23

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