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Let's create a tobacco-free city and cry out, “I don't smoke”(2008-05-31)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government
Let's create a tobacco-free city and cry out, “I don't smoke”(2008-05-31)

You are the most beautiful bride in my eyes despite the grey hair; I want to hold your hands, my dearest wife. The first joint wedding ceremony for citizens and officials in Taichung City 2008, Floral Sea with Unchanging Vows for Precious You, was held on the 31st in the sea of flowers, where 97 pairs of newlyweds vowed to each other with witnesses and blessings from Mayor Hu (the happiest). Although the slight rain disturbed the proceeding of the ceremony, the newlyweds remained passionate in the rain which added the romantic atmosphere of the wedding. 

Mayor Hu addressed in his blessing that the mayor has tenure, but the marriage has no tenure, but is everlasting. Mayor Hu also asked the grooms to remember the pretty faces of the brides next to them today, who would be the one you vowed to love today in the floral sea in spite of aging.

The Mayor also expressed that the floral-sea wedding was the most unique joint ceremony. Although it rained today, like a representation of life’s little bumps, but everything would turn out fine with the efforts of the two. Mayor Hu also beautified the wedding as the name of President Ma and Mayor Hu “Chiu (long) and Chang (strong)”.

For the newlyweds to become legal husbands and wives during the joint wedding ceremony, all civil servants in household registration offices in 8 districts of Taichung City offered “all at-once services” for 97 pairs of newlyweds via the “Happy Taichung Engagement Express” in the wedding scene.

  • Date : 2008-05-31
  • Hit: 77

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