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Guru Payport and Master Hu of city administration discuss mix management(2008-07-10)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Guru Jeffery F. Rayport, invited by Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee of Taichung City visited Taichung for a lecture on July 10th. He was welcomed passionately by the audience and attained the whole acclamation. Mayor Jason Hu of Taichung City also attended and addressed to Mr. Rayport that it was better to see him than to read his books; moreover, he anticipated that he would acquire some recommendations from Mr. Rayport for making him endeavor more for city affairs.

The topic was Right Service Urges Mix Management discussing how the development of digital revolution in the past decades has altered the world thoroughly, especially the fields relating to service quality. For example, in Taiwan, it used to be difficult to access to the internet whereas nowadays the internet broadband availability totals 72% with the prosperous development of the internet services such as video on demand and social websites; moreover, it also happens in industrialized nations and emerging markets.

After the lecture came the dialogue and opinion communications between Guru Rayport and Master Hu of city administration. Mayor Hu expresseded to Rayport that he had read his books and followed his opinions; he agreed that the governments existed for realizing and satisfying the public opinion, which was consistent with Guru’s views. Moreover, he found that Guru’s perspectives mattered to him after reading so many books relating to business administration. However, the part concerning integration of mankind and machinery failed, hard to achieve.

Rayport said in good humor to Mayor Hu that he needed a substitute for responding to the public opinion. It was worthwhile approbation for Mayor Hu to operate in reverse from the civil demands, but it remained quite a challenge to confront the broad public. It was recommended to employ the internet resources, e.g. usage of internet virtual character. Nevertheless, according to Mayor Hu’s views, not all citizens were able to accept such a manner for some enjoyed seeing or touching the real person.

Rayport agreed with Mayor Hu’s views for not all services were convertible to technology services. A mayor should inquire what the citizens expect to experience and demand; afterwards, the demands are fulfilled by tools. Although it will not eventually satisfy everyone, it is necessary to make a choice. For example, the sales of Books (an Internet bookstore) are better than material channels; to tell the truth, those buying books shall be the people with ages. According to the sales of an internet bookstore, the public can accept the services offered by technologies and networks.

Finally, Mayor Hu addressed that a mix broke the traditional ideas and matched oneself, but it might succeed and fail as well; as he strived for the establishment of a branch of Guggenheim Museum in Taichung for it had never came to Taiwan before; laws fell behind policies. In spite of his endeavors for three years to break the conventional thoughts, he failed in the end. He was not against a mix management method, but it demanded a complete realization prior to usage. A mix in an unclear condition might result in the negative effect.

  • Date : 2008-07-10
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