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A Gift from the Post Office for the Mid Autumn Festival - Moon Cakes Made by the Children Are Us Foundation(2008-08-13)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Deputy Mayor Hsiao today (August 13) attended the press meeting for Children Are Us Foundation Moon Cakes - Providing Jobs for Kids in Need. He called it a blessing from the post office to round out the Mid Autumn Festival and ordered 30 packs of moon cakes. He also called for assistance from all sectors of society in purchasing and providing special children with jobs and income. 

At the press meeting today, Deputy Mayor Hsiao, Chair Chiang of the Foundation, Manager Chen from Taichung District Operation Center of Chunghwa Post Co. Ltd., and Manager Yao from Fengyuan District Operation Center of Chunghwa Post Co. Ltd. joined together with the children to make moon cakes and experienced some hard work during the baking process. Teacher Hsiao displayed ambidextrous calligraphy skills.

According to Deputy Mayor Hsiao, moon cake packs this year are healthy and tasty. Master Hsiao’s calligraphy work is featured on the gift box. The combination of art and charity come together in an act of goodwill by purchasing the gift packs.

Chair Chiang of the Foundation suggested the economic slow down this year has influenced donations to charitable organizations, and rising material prices may impact on sales of moon cakes. However, the Foundation has paid closer attention to quality of moon cakes and gift box wrapping to promote its product competitively with the goal of continuing training for special children.

According to Manager Chen from Taichung District Operation Center of Chunghwa Post Co. Ltd. people may order the moon cake gift boxes through post giro and apply for 4-hour post delivery until Aug 30th. The express post delivery will be offered at a discount of 50% off for the speediest delivery. In this way, moon cakes will be sent at their freshest to the requested address.

This year gift moon cake packs of 9 and 10 cakes were promoted displaying the fresh and healthy fruit on the inside of the cakes. There are two styles to choose from. Anyone interested in ordering moon cakes can contact the Foundation at 02-2711-5237, and giro the money to account 41852008 of the receiver - the Children Are Us Foundation.

  • Date : 2008-08-13
  • Hit: 17

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