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City Government Provides Computer Learning Program for Free - Registration Begins(2008-08-22)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In order to improve computer literacy in the general public and assist disabled people to get on the internet, the City Government worked with the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, in the Executive Yuan to implement the Encouraging Internet Usage Program and provide 5000 people with free learning courses. Interested parties can register until November 30th. Those interested in the program should go to http://www.etc.url.tw or call 04-22231797. 

The Department of Planning held a press meeting entitled 2008 Encouraging People to Use the Internet at SunYatSen Hall on August 22nd. Mayor Hu attended the promotion. He expressed his satisfaction with the activity, and promised that the government shall provide to the needs of the general public and help improve competitiveness.

The Department also mentioned that computer usage in Taichung was above average. The city government made available 151 items for online processing and 2499 forms which could be downloaded. A number of convenient systems have been established covering transportation, environmental protection, police, land administration, household registration services, urban development, and tax services in order to save transportation time and improve efficiency for the public.

Mr. Jhong, the Deputy Director suggested that the program would provide 5000 people with free computer learning opportunities, covering basic to advanced courses, and denizens and workers in Taichung were qualified to register in the classes. Those with low income, mental or physical disabilities, middle aged or older females, and aboriginals have been given special priority. Registration will be accepted until November 30th, and people interested may visit http://www.etc.url.tw or contact 04-22231797.

  • Date : 2008-08-22
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