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Taichung City government to investigate China-made three-in-one coffee, milk cream, and milk(2008-09-25)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The event of China-made polluted milk powder is getting worse. In a three-in-one coffee product, sold by a famous domestic company, found their milk cream originated from the Heze Zhongshi Peptide Biotech Co. Ltd (山東都慶公司), Mainland China, which caused people to panic. The Department of Health issued an emergency announcement, stating that any powder/liquid product of “three-in-one coffee, milk cream, or milk tea” imported from China must not be on shelves and for sale unless a qualified inspection report from laboratories, as approved by the Department of Health, has been acquired from the Department of Health.

In order to ensure consumers’ safety, today (Sep. 25) Consumer Ombudsman Officers in Taichung City Government, as well as related personnel of the Public Health Bureau, Division of Consumer Ombudsman in Legal Affairs Office, Division of Commerce in Economic Office went to investigate three-in-one coffee, milk cream, milk tea, and related milk-products in supermarkets, such as RT-Mart’s Chon-ming Branch, Welcome Supermarket’s Beiping Rd Branch, Carrefour’s Chung Teh Store, Shingchin Supermarket’s Ko-kuan Branch, Geant’s FU-hsing Store, Taiwan Fresh Supermarket’s Jhong Ming S. Road Branch, and Pxmart ‘s Jhong Ming S. Road Branch, etc. All these supermarkets had removed the related products from their shelves. In order to protect consumers’ rights, related units in Taichung City Government will continue checking these milk-products in convenience stores and milk-tea stores to protect civilians’ right to safely buy products.

  • Date : 2008-09-25
  • Hit: 17

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