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The Cold Can’t Cool the Steaming from Hot Stewed Pork The Stewed Pork Rice Championship is taking place in Charlotte park (2008-11-09)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Today, the National Animal Industry Foundation cooperates with the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan to host “The National Stewed Pork Rice Championship” for the promotion of Taiwanese pork. The competition takes place at Charlotte park in Taichung. Out here, 5000 samples of stewed pork rice are prepared for people to taste. Due to the cold current wind and rain, a shed is has been set up to accommodate 2000 guests in the afternoon. Taichung vice mayor Hsiao Chia-Chi is invited to taste the stewed pork rice. He praises Taiwan’s pork as the number 1!

To greatly promote Taiwanese pork, the National Animal Industry Foundation works together with the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan to host “The National Stewed Pork Rice Championship”. Through the screening of applicants, a dozen of restaurants are selected to compete in the championship. Rather than the award for the most popularized stewed pork rice, a group of specialists in cuisine are invited to take on the role of judges as to select “the most delicious stewed pork rice”.

Chen Wu-Hsiung, the committee chairman of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, said Taiwanese pork has a tasty smell and the smell spreads all over the places. That’s why he can’t wait to come to Taichung for the delicious stewed pork rice. He mentioned that Taiwan produces quality agricultural products in all seasons and hopefully this information can be distributed to people from all over the world through this type of activity.

Other than providing free samples of stewed pork rice, several shows and performances are conducted to liven up the atmosphere. The low temperature can’t reduce people’s willingness to participate in the activity.

  • Date : 2008-11-09
  • Hit: 15

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