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Dancing skills are shown in front of the City Square; various good dancers gathered in the “Dance Assembly” (2008-12-26)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The fascinating “Dance Assembly”~ Belly Dancing Night, will lively start in the front square of Taichung City Hall at 19:00 on December 27. There are seven dance clubs preparing to use traditional and modern dance in a relay to perform nearly 20 dances.

The “Belly Dancing Night” is organized by the Department of Information, Taichung City Government, co-organized by Splendor Hotel and Taichung Evangelical Holiness Church, and planned by Kaodi Design Communication. It expects to perform in a way which is close to the people to allow more people to understand belly dancing, love belly dancing, and allow Taichung City, which has the reputation of the “Cultural City”, to have more variety of styles, and share with more friends health, joy and satisfaction.

The organizer said that belly dancing has a long history. It comes from Egypt and Middle Eastern, etc. regions. It shows the integration of a woman’s softness, belly and full-body. The costumes are sophisticated and gorgeous, and the props are rich and varied. In recent years, belly dancing also created a learning trend in Taiwan; it not only attracts women of all ages but also attracts a few men. Taichung’s belly dancing club has been set up for seven or eight years. In addition to boosting the atmosphere in the activity, it also brings belly dancing to the big stage, with sound effects to present a complete art style. The club which participated in the performance has received a number of rewards in competitions in Taiwan, Asia, Singapore, and Korea.

  • Date : 2008-11-26
  • Hit: 26

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