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Silver Star shinning Christmas tree, the lights will be lit on the 5th, and everyone is invited to seek dreams (2008-12-03)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The Taichung City Government and the citizens are happy to greet the upcoming Christmas. A silver Christmas tree has been specially decorated in front of City Hall, and the lighting activity will be held on the 5th. Also, musical and film shows will be held on the weekends and holidays in December. The Christmas tree this year has been combined with a merry-go-round, which will allow people to experience the childhood joy of horse riding, and enhance the atmosphere of the festival reunion.

The Department of Information said that the Christmas theme this year uses “Silver Star”, “Shining”, and “Dream Seeking” as the design concepts, the Christmas tree base is a 12 meter diameter silver merry-go round, the 12.5 meters tall tree is mainly silver pine needles, the top is a line shaped city hall emblem made of LED lights, and the three dimensional castle shaped logo is attached to the silver Christmas tree. When the power is on, the lights and decorations hanging on the Christmas tree will dance along with the merry-go round music, and show the Christmas atmosphere and activity meaning. The two low-round stages in front of the Christmas tree are provided for show usage on Saturdays and Sundays and for people to take pictures. The joyful silver Christmas tree will accompany the citizens until December 28 starting from the lighting activity on December 5th.

The silver Christmas tree and Hu-Sing Pavilion shaped Gingerbread House will be shown to the public accompanied by the City mayor Jason C. Hu and City executives, guests and the citizens’ surprised cheers. Guang Fu elementary school, St. James Kindergarten, Atayal original dance and BAND are also invited to perform. The brilliant contents will bring people full of Christmas spirit. The square also has a mobile coffee shop and recreational tables and chairs prepared to allow people to enjoy the activity in the moonlight.

The Christmas Eve activity on December 24th, in addition to inviting a magician to perform an excellent magic show and enhance the magical atmosphere of Christmas, street performers also bring talent and make Christmas Eve full of warm melody, and Taichung Evangelical Holiness Church, in addition to hosting Santa Claus on December 5th, 24th and 25th to increase the joyful atmosphere for the activity, will also bring singing performance on Christmas Eve.

The “Family Santa Claus Masquerade” will be held on December 25th, the prizes are: $5,000 for first place, $3,000 for second place, and $2,000 for third place, all families are welcome to participate and show your creation, and dress your babies. Anyone who wishes to participate, please gather at 19:00 on the activity day, after walking on the runway, the scores will be calculated. PUB bands are also invited to perform and share the joy with everyone.

As for children’s most expected silver Christmas tree merry-go round, the Department of Information said, in addition to the lighting activity day, light watching day, Christmas Eve and Christmas day, the other days are all open to the public, and it is free to use. The Gingerbread House will be placed in the City Hall corridor after the lighting activity ends, and continue to spread the festival atmosphere. The Rich and cozy activity arrangement and large festival Christmas decorations will allow Taichung citizens to have a happy and grateful Christmas.

  • Date : 2008-12-03
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