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Get a Free Ride in Taichung with the best tour guide, Mayor Jason Hu (2009-03-06)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Free ride around Taichung!? Yes. Taichung Municipal Government is offering a free city bus tour bus for the visitors to explore Taichung City. It’s the fourth year since the free bus launched. This year, the free bus tour bus service will be available from March 15th to November 15th. The free bus tour bus service will be held 42 times in with 3 different routes, with the theme of “The natural exploration”, “culture sites” and “starry sky”. All of the citizens are free to register for the tour. Each person can register 4 partners to join them on the tour. Please dial 04-2380-0592 for further information.

Though it rained in for the press conference, the attendees enjoyed the gymnastics dance and indigenous dance brought by the children of the Taichung City Farmers’ Association, Pei-tun Kindergarten, and the house wifeves members of the farmers’ association. After the show, the Mayor declared that the city tour bus has launched. The Mayor, Jason Hu, the Director of Information Office, Tsao Mei-liangLiang, and the city councillorscouncilors --Liu Shi-chou Chou and Liu Kuo-long Long took the bus for the first city tour of this year.

Tsao Mei-liang Liang introduced the 3 themes of the tour. The theme tour include the tour of “cultural sites”, which will lead the visitors to visit the historical venues of Taichung City, the tour of “starry night”, which will take people to experience the night entertainments in Taichung, and the tour of natural exploration. Each tour have has different features and the visitors will see the historical spots, cultural activities, night scenes and the shopping areas (the I-chung Chung Street, Da-kengKeng, theand the Fine Art Museum Blvd.) and the Natural Science Museum/ Botanical Garden and the agriculture fields in Dakeng. The visitors will have a joyful tour.

The tour bus will start at 9 am from the City Government Square since from March 15 to November 15, every Sunday. On some specific holidays, such as the Chin-mig Mig Festival, Labors’ Day, Mother’s Day,. Father’s Day, Moon Festival and Double Tenth Day (all of these holidays are on a Sunday), there will be additional tours. All of the tours is are free. Each attendee has to pay NT$ 100 as a deposit when during registration and the money will be returned after the tour. Each people person can register up to 4 visitors. Please dial 04-2380-0592 for further information. You can also fax the registration form to register. The fax number is 04-2380-6593. Please visit the following website for the detail-

  • Date : 2009-03-06
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