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Taichung City-the 3rd stage venue of 2009 Tour De Taiwan(2009-03-10)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

March 10th was the 3rd day of the 2009 Tour de Taiwan. The venue of the race was Taichung City. Huei-tang Tang Lin, the executive officer of Taichung City Government, welcomed the bicycle race teams and sent them best wishes for the race in on behalf of the Mayor Jason Hu and the citizens of Taichung City.

Mr. Lin introduced Taichung City to the players participants and guests of the race in the his welcome speech. He said Taichung City was the most beautiful city in Taiwan. Also, he sent all the players participants a box of Sun Cake (the specialty of Taichung City) as a welcome gift. After the welcome speech, the distinguished guests lead the participants players to ride around the venue of the starting point and another warm-up round for warm-up then started the gamerace. The criterium race route started at the corner of Sec. 2, Xiangshang Rd., at Wenshin Forest Park then ride alonealong Wenshin Road, Dadung 7th Street then 4th Sec, of Honan Road. The One lap of the route is 2.2 km and all of the racers had to ride 40 laps, which is around 88 km.

Tour De de Taiwan is the highest and most internationally well known bicycle race in Taiwan. This year, the race was hosted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council(TAITRA), Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the local governments. Hopefully, the race could is able to promote sports, tourism and industry development. Tour de Taiwan had 7 stages and started on March 8th and ended in on March 14th. The 1st stage was on the bank of Love River in Kaohsiung City. The second stage started form from Chiayi City Hall to Hsingang Fongtian Temple, which located in Chiayi County. Taichung City is the venue of the 3rd stage of the race. The students and teachers of Dahsin Elementary School, which was is located near the park, cheered more than 100 racers from 30 countries during the race.

According the host of the race, the routes of the next stage will be the Baguasandafo in Changhwa City, The West Coast Highway (17km of Sightseeing scenic coastline) in Hsinchu and Hsinchuan, Hsinchuang Stadium in Taipei County to Shihsanhan Aboriginal Museum, and the last stage will be Taipei 101. This year the race added a hill climbing session. Therefore, the host added the Prize of Mountain King. In addition, to encourage the racers for to create better records, the host increased the prize bonus and the sprint point system.

  • Date : 2009-03-10
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