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The Baseball World Cup and Baseball Asia Championships started in Taichung City with the government offering hospitably to all.(2007-11-05)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Taichung City will raise the interest in baseball again! The Baseball World Cup and Baseball Asia Championships will begin playing, in succession, in Taichung city starting November 7. Almost all hotels have been fully booked, and the area’s scenic locations have been the subject of great interest and inquiries to travel agencies. The mayor of Taichung, Jason Ho, has instructed all tourism related industries to prepare for visitors coming to Taichung City, and ensure they will have great experiences in eating, living arrangements, shopping, and playing in order to leave a bright impression of Taichung city in their memories. 

He stated that, based on the success in hosting the Intercontinental Baseball Cup in the previous year, the Taichung government will host baseball again this year by hosting the Baseball World Cup and the Baseball Asia Championships, which will attract the countries attention. He hopes the Chinese baseball team will have the best performance and achievements in these two games and in order to qualify for the Olympic Games.

He said that, even though the Taichung government had experience by hosting last years international ball games, the municipal government must make every effort to ensure every detail is perfect and ready to be presented to visitors in order to provide visitors, residents, and the baseball teams, warm hospitality and care from Taichung City. A special circumstance to this year’s event is that, the Baseball Asia Championships are directly related to the right to participate in the Olympic Games. It is estimated that 5000 to 10000 baseball fans from Japan and South Korea will come to Taichung City to attend the games. The Taichung government intends that the audience will be able to heartily enjoy the games in addition to great eating, living arrangements, shopping, and fun.

This morning guests attending the warming-up press conference includes an executive of the government’s local information office, Shui-mu Wu; the president of EVA Airway, XinDe Chen; and city councilors You-jiang Chen, QiuDong Wang, Chun-xia Wu, Xin-hui Huang, GuoLong Liu, ShiZhou Liu, and GuoTai Tang, etc. All guests offered high praise for the construction and large-scale activities held by the Taichung government. Mr. Shui-mu Wu said, “Taichung city has provided admirable performances in activity hosting for several successive years and this year’s baseball games will attract global attention.” He used Taiwanese dialect to promote the baseball games in Taichung city when he said, “Come together in Taichung, see the baseball games, experience the best in gift shopping, Taichung, where everyone comes to make friends,” which garnered warm applause from the audience.

The information office of the municipal government pointed out that, in order to hold these international games, relevant municipal offices must put forth great efforts to prepare. Baseball World Cup runs Nov. 11th - 17th, and the Baseball Asian Championships runs Nov. 27th- Dec. 3rd. Every hotel will prepare for their guests and the municipal government will ensure tour connections, sufficient taxis and small buses, various types of tourist and tour information, services in foreign language, tour guides, and various local delicacies. They hope to enable all tourists attending the games in Taichung City to experience the care and enthusiasm of Taichung.

  • Date : 2009-12-15
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