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Live Fingerprint Scanner Helped Person with Mental Illness Go home

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Police Department

Officers of Xinping Station, Taiping Precinct, Taichung City Government Police Department received are port at around13:00 the other day that a dispute took place at a convenience store on Shude Road. They rushed to the scene and found that an insane man picked up and ate food from someone’s table without a good reason. They asked the man to identify himself but the man kept silent all the way, sitting on the chair.

Guessing that the man might suffer from mental illness and got lost from home for days, the officers bought him some bread and beverage to end his hunger and remove his psychological barrier and then brought him back to the police station. As the man still kept silent and did not produce any relevant documents, they could not know his real identity.

The police officers guessed the man might have established his fingerprints in file and asked the investigation team to help. Using the "live fingerprint scanner" to take down the man’s fingerprints and then searching in the fingerprint files, they finally found out the man is surnamed as Tsai and lives in North District.

Tsai’s anxious father told the police officers that his son suffers from severe mental illness and cannot express himself and got lost six days ago. The father was very grateful that the police helped his son return home by the use of the fingerprint files.

Every precinct has been offering voluntary fingerprinting services. Through the use of "live fingerprint scanner", fingerprints of the dementia elderly, the mentally retarded or the mentally ill can be archived for future query. The police urge people to use this service at the Police Department or at each precinct if people suspect their disabled may one day get lost from home.

  • Date : 2013-08-30
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