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Taichung International Dance Parade and Festival, 18 Teams from Taiwan and Japan Battle It out on the Streets

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
台中國際踩舞祭 18支台日隊伍尬舞踩街

The 2017 Taichung International Dance Parade and Festival took place on the 18th near Summer Green. 6 well known dance troupes from Japan and 12 public or scholastic teams from Taiwan performed. The event was lively, as street dance performances incorporated elements from the Flora Expo, drawing crowds of passersby to watch. Mayor Lin Jialong was also in attendance, and invited the public to take advantage of the two days of performances and experience the beauty of street dance.

The event began on Summer Green in Xitun District. The dancers marched and danced to the music, before giving a street performance in front of the National Taichung Theater. The audience applauded the detailed costuming and impressive dancing, with many taking pictures. Mayor Lin witnessed this artistic gathering together with Tourism Bureau Head Chen Shengshan and the public.

Mayor Lin stated that this type of dance festival originated from Hokkaido Yosakoi festivals, and are very popular in Japan. The festivals have created a culture of interactive street performances. These marvelous festivals incorporate dance, music, and many types of interaction. The Taichung International Dance Parade and Festival came about through many years of exchange of dance culture between Taiwan and Japan.

Mayor Lin stated that the festival was held for the first time last year, in which 3 teams from Japan participated: one from Hokkaido, one from Mie, and one from Aichi. This year 6 teams from Japan, as well as 12 teams selected from Taiwan, took part in performances at the National Taichung Theater and Summer Green, both Taichung landmarks. The City Government will continue to hold these festivals in order to bring a celebratory performance culture to Taichung, and turn Taichung into a city for such events. The Government hopes that Taiwanese teams will be able to perform not only in Taichung, but also take part in cultural exchanges abroad.

Mayor Lin also invited the public to take advantage of the two days of performances and experience the beauty of dance culture for themselves.

The Tourism Bureau stated that the first festival, held last year, was well received. This year, the government extended invitations to 6 famous dance teams from Japan, including Yosakoi Happy Archive from Tsu City, Mie, Yo from Inuyama, Aichi, Kita Subaru from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Xiangle Dance from Otaru, also in Hokkaido, and Awadori from Mizunami and Osaka, Gifu.

12 teams from Taiwanese schools and the public also participated. These included the Department of Dance at Taipei City University, Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School, New Taipei Municipal Ching Shui High School Dance Section, Wei Ruirong Dance Troupe Love in All Corners, Miao Hsuan Dance Troup, Atayal Taiwan First Nation M-yu Dancers, Nantou Folk Dance Group, Zhangan Junior High School Dance Section, Private Dong Wu Senior Industrial Home Economics Vocational High School, and the Department of Dance from the Tainan University of Technology. Through these teams’ performances, the public was able to experience local culture and traditional performances from overseas.

In addition to the dance performance on the 18th, the square in front of City Hall on Taiwan Boulevard featured regular stage performances, a special market, and food stalls. On the 19th, multiple dance classes and exchange events took place on the square as well. For more information, please visit the official website of the 2017 Taichung Dance Parade and Festival at http://www.2017tcdanceparade.com/ or on our Facebook page: 2017台中國際踩舞祭.

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