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Middle East Date Plum along Welcome Avenue as Gift to Flora Expo

  • Date: 2018-07-06
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Middle East Date Plum along Welcome Avenue as Gift to Flora Expo
Middle East Date Plum along Welcome Avenue as Gift to Flora Expo

Counting down to 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition, the permanent “Floral Exhibition Hall” at “Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Park Area” are fully planted with trees under Taichung City Government’s plan. Local farmer Hu Zhi-chang, to echo with the spirit of Flora Expo, donated 55 Date Palm grown trees lining up to the side of Xinmachang Rd., creating a welcome avenue. Today (19) the ceremony takes place at Xinmachang Rd. and the donation is accepted by Construction Bureau Director Huang Yu-lin on behalf of the City Government.

Joined by Construction Bureau Director Huang Yu-lin, donator Hu Zhi-chang, City council member Chen Ben-tian, Weng Mei-chun, representatives from legislator Hong Yong-ci, City council member Chen Qing-long and Zhang Jing-fen. The 55 Date Plum lining up straightly along Xinmachang Rd at the entrance of Houli Park, will be the welcome avenue to the Flora Expo.

Director Huang thanked Mr. Hu Zhi-Chang’s generosity to make Taichung’s first Date Plum welcome avenue which is right at the entrance of Houli Park. Having a beautiful park within such a short time, Director Huang is grateful for the participation of many manufacturers and corporations. With everybody’s contribution, the Flora Expo is going to be a great success.

Donator Mr. Hu appreciates City Government’s request on the local purchase expansion, allowing better contribution from Taiwanese florists. As a beneficiary, Mr. Hu expressed his gratitude with the present. The farmer also thanked the Flora Expo Team to have gave him such a great location for the Date Plum to contribute sustainability to local resident.

The donated Date Plum, as per Construction Bureau, was grown 20 years ago on the rental farm from Taiwan Sugar with more than 1,000 seedlings at a scale of 2 hectares. The trees have grown from less than 1 meter height, to 5 meter high tree trunks. The strong and straight posture of the trees is extraordinary.

Upon realizing the planting needs at Houli Park Area, local farmer Hu Zhi-chang, having deep connection with Waipu and Houli Area, delivered 55 Date Plum in hoping to bring more highlights, echo the sustainability and the theme of “2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition”.


The 55 magnificent Date Plum on the side of Xinmachang Rd. is looking to creating a visual effect along the welcome avenue, with large scale green space of more than 500 trees at  “Floral Exhibition Hall” , the forest image represents the concept of “Non Destruction, Only Optimization”. Residents will enjoy the green common space that sustainably develops local environment.


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