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Central Taiwan Cinema Promotion Park


I. Background
Taichung has a rich history in movie making, and the origin of planning the Central Taiwan Cinema Promotion Park (here after CTCPP) began when Oscar Winning Director Ang Lee came to Taichung to film “Life of PI”. Ang Lee brought world-class production team to Taiwan and filmed at the old Taichung Shui-nan Airport (now Taichung Gateway District). His efforts not only demonstrated a good example of filmmaker to the Taiwanese professionals, but also act as the best supporter to help reviving the local film industry and pushing the project of CTCPP to the next phase.

To implement the plan for CTCPP, Taichung City Government Information Bureau has applied and received grants from National Development Council of Taiwan. The Cinema Promotion Park will integrate and gather resources for film production in central Taiwan, especially the city of Taichung, Changhua, and Nantou. This project will help promoting central Taiwan’s film industry to the next level and to the world.

The setup of CTCPP contains not just public facilities, but a full supply chain containing all the resources necessary for film production- from film shooting, postproduction, all the way down to screening and exhibiting. To fulfill this film industry supply chain, CTCPP has two major parts - the Film Center and the Film Museum.

II. Scope and Project Area1) Film Center
The prospective Film Center location is a 3.12-acre size ground in front of Gi-Fong Elementary School, which is the prospective location for Gi-Fong Junior High School at Wu-Feng District.

  • Guangfu Village
    Also locating at Wu-Feng District, Guangfu village is a 10-acre size village 10 minutes drive from the prospective filming center. The village has around 250 traditional houses.
  • East Camp
    East Camp is a 5-acre size flat military camp located in Waipu area at Dajia District. The East Camp takes approximately 40 minutes drive from downtown Taichung city.
  • Film Museum
    The prospective Film Museum is set to be built on the East side of Taiwan Tower at the Taichung Gateway District. The area for the Film Museum is 44,000 square meters and the museum itself will have 8 floors (2 under ground and 6 above ground).

III. Project Content
The development strategy for CTCPP is to creat a professional environment to attract more filmmakers to come film in Taichung, and also build a world-class level & media-based attraction and recreational space in central Taiwan1) Film Center
The facilities of the Film Center will include the original wave tank used in “Life of PI”. Other facilities include an indoor film studio, props and sets factory, make up room, wardrobe and set storage room, rest and dining hall, and professional postproduction studio.

  • Guangfu Village
    Guangfu Village was the biggest kept traditional Taiwanese military community in Taichung. It was designed like a garden city and has many traditional buildings and street landscape. After renovation, Guangfu Village can become a great film shooting location; the houses can also convert into offices and dormitories for the film crew.
  • East Camp
    Because there are no buildings around, East Camp can be a perfect location to set up outdoor film set. Director De-Sheng Wei shot one of the baseball practice scenes for his film 「KANO」 here at the East Camp. The East Camp can be rent out for other film companies to use.4) Film Museum

Basic Configuration of the Film Museum
I. 4th to 6th Floor: Professional and Director-Standard Movie Screening Areas:
   a. To build a professional audio & video recording room that can also be used as a screening room to bring perfect entertaining experience to the customers.
   b. One IMAX screening room, 10 commercial screening rooms and 2 VIP screening rooms, with total 1,910 seats.
   c. With the outdoor public art plaza, the Film Museum can host film festivals, outdoor movie screenings, concerts, performances and exhibitions.

II. 3rd Floor: Image Data Collection Center- To create the most important data center for the Chinese film history
   a. Facilities include:a library, film sets and props museums, digital database and viewing system, interactive screen displaying the history of Taiwan’s film industry and posters of past films
   b. To build a Taichung branch of Chinese Taipei Film Archive and to reach out to other international film museums to share information and stimulate cultural exchange.
   c. To build a comfortable and convenient viewing space with Wi-Fi and cloud-library system for users to watch past films (paid by users).

III. 1st and 2nd Floor: Exhibition and interactive experience zone
   a. Aim to cooperate with Madame Tussauds to bring more tourists to Taichung and to make the Film Museum more famous in the world.
   b. The interactive experience zone will allow visitors to interact, participate, experience, and learn more about film production and film development. All exhibitions will combine with relative film             themes to bring magical experience to the general audiences.
   c. Facilities include: Golden Horse Awards Interactive Hall, Movie Storyland, 5D interactive experience hall.Film Center & Guangfu Village & East Camp

  • To create a world class filming center for movie production and post-production
  • To gather and integrate technical resources to boost up Taiwan’s film industry
  • To create an undisturbed environment for the film crew
  • To enhance local economic development Film Museum
  • To host various events such as premieres, special and private screenings to promote the film industry in central Taiwan.
  • Cooperate with other international film-related museum to share information and to promote Taiwan’s local film culture.
  • Aim to cooperate with Madame Tussauds to open another global branch inside the Film Museum to attract more tourists to Taichung.
  • To build a “live” film museum by equipping the newest and most entertaining & interactive facilities to bring fresh and fun experience to the visitors.
  • Data update: 2022-11-23
  • Publish Date: 2015-06-02
  • Source: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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