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Rebirth of Central District: Its Past,Present and Future

中區再生 過去 現在 未來
中區再生 過去 現在 未來

Every city goes through a dynamic process of construction, deconstruction, and re-construction. Taichung is no exception. It has been experiencing abigre-construction after the merger of former county and city. Its core metropolitan areas have undergone qualitative change, due to the gravity shift of political and economic centers .This qualitative change is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and has marked a dent on the future outlook and the destiny of TaichungCity.

Threehubs: their roles in the past, the present and the future

This qualitative change has divided Taichung City into three main hubs. The 7th Re-planning District has already assumed its position of an emerging political and economic center after the municipal government has seated its city hall here. The Taichung Gateway District, which symbolizes the future of urban life,has been drawing a picture of wonderland like afearlesskid. It has certainly grasped all the attention of Taichung citizens. The Central District, which has lost its economic vitality, has been quietly brewing the momentum to move forward to a new life.

The "past" and the "future" of Taichung City have stepped in two different paces:"developing / newborn" and "restructuring /rebirth." A series of transformation and rebirth is going on and we must think over on how to balance the development of the three hubs and how to constructTaichung into a model city that will grasp every possible opportunity to fulfill our vision.

  • Data update: 2022-11-23
  • Publish Date: 2015-03-31
  • Source: Urban Development Bureau
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