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Friendly and Barrier-free City

街區改善 友善城市好漾
街區改善 友善城市好漾
To make Taichung City safer and friendlier, the Urbane Development Bureau has formulated the "inspection plan on the existing accessible facilities in public buildings” and advocates the importance of barrier-free living environment to the general public and the business firms. The Bureau has also checked the accessible facilities of new public buildings regularly, so as to provide the elderly and persons with disabilities with more convenient and safer public spaces. Moreover, all the gas stations in Taichung City are required to set up "barrier-free toilets", barrier-free facilities and assistance bells and post signs to guide people to those facilities. It is hoped to promote the concept of barrier-free space and environment and turn Taichung into a barrier-free city.

In addition to increasing the accessible facilities, we at the Urbane Development Bureau have been actively promoting and implementing the "arcade leveling" plan in recent years. The plan has been mainly executed in such areas with high pedestrian density as school districts and the old shopping districts. Road surface leveling has made those areas safer and more convenient, thus bringing in a big crowd for the shop owners and creating good business opportunities for them.
  • Data update: 2019-03-15
  • Publish Date: 2015-03-31
  • Source: Urban Development Bureau
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